Paleo Diet

Paleo dietWe will be looking at many aspects of the Paleo diet.  The fact that the Paleo Diet is very effective is being recognized more and more each day. The idea of eating in the manner for which our bodies evolved is much more prevalent these days.

The so called “Caveman Diet” is being utilized by athletes to gain a performance advantage.  Overweight individuals recognize that the Paleo diet is a great way to lose weight in a quick and healthy manner. Diabetics are realizing that they can control their diabetes by adhering to Paleo.  Overall there is an awareness that eating in the Paleo fashion is a healthy life alternative.

So…. that being said we are going to continue to examine several facets of the Paleo Diet. One of those is recipes for the Paleo diet.  When people start to use the Diet they are most concerned with appropriate and tasty recipes.  

The second area we will be looking at is Paleo Cookbooks.  We will be reviewing some of the most popular cookbooks and giving an opinion of them.

Thirdly we will be look at the Paleo diet for athletes. More and more athletes are turning to the Paleo diet to increase their performance. We will look at this in depth and discuss our findings.

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