Why Make A Paleo Diet Grocery List?

Paleo diet grocery listWe all know those people who, at the beginning of the year set out to create great change in their lives. But usually only after a brief period we find out that their dreams have been cancelled. They don’t seem important anymore and we often wonder where those people got the inspiration from in the first place.

It is not just others who act that way. Oftentimes we ourselves fall victim to badly planned goals, shattered dreams, after we realize just how difficult it is to change our lifestyles. That is why I decided to share this article about my paleo diet grocery list with you. I am going to explain why it is so important to me.

When I personally started out on the paleo diet I often found it difficult to stay on track and to just keep doing what my doctor recommended. It was not that I did not understand what to do, or that the paleo diet was too difficult. Much more importantly, I failed to plan ahead because I was building on a weak foundation. Oftentimes when I would go shopping I had one or two recipes in mind but I simply could not plan ahead for more than a few days, a week, or ‘God forbid’ even a whole month! My wife would look at me funny whenever I mentioned that the food she cooked was not “paleo”. My colleagues at work did not even know the paleo diet basics, I am not even sure whether they knew how to spell the word. I was in a difficult situation until I remembered something my mother had told me when I was a kid. She used to say “Simple may seem silly, but it always works”.

About a year after starting on the paleo diet and making it a habit I have achieved all of my weight loss goals. My paleo diet grocery list is still with me every day because it worked out so well. My wife is happy as I now usually do most of our cooking and I usually bring some pre-prepared paleo food to work.

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